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5 common causes of noisy pipes and their solutions

September 7th, 2021

Noisy pipes are a common plumbing problem, especially in older homes. Whilst it can be irksome to hear noises coming from your pipes, they are also worrying. You need to deal with the problem right away or it may result in expensive repairs. Here at Plumbing Emergency 24/7, we are adept at fixing noisy pipes and have mentioned below some of the causes why your pipes might be making noise.

Copper pipes

Pipework in the home is commonly made from copper. It is a malleable, durable metal that has replaced the use of steel and lead in the modern era. But, copper is known to contract and expand with temperature changes.

If your pipes are making noise, but only after you have used hot water, it might be because of the expanding copper pipes. This happens when the pipe rubs against brackets, joints, and support structures. If the metal is specifically designed to handle such stress, you do not have to worry about anything. But, if the noise is becoming unbearable, you can reach out to us and let our plumbers diagnose the problem.

Loose-fitting pipes

Pipes allow for the movement of water which results in friction and pressure. If you hear rattling, clunking, or vibrating from your pipes, it might mean that your pipes are not fitted properly or they have come loose with time. Whatever the reason, they must be fixed. You can contact us, and we will send you our team of expert plumbers to fit the pipes properly so that they do not make noises.

Water hammer

Bangs and thuds within your pipes are the most alarming types of noise. These noises even have the potential to cause actual damage. When you hear loud bangs or thuds in your pipework, it might be caused due to a water hammer. This is a phenomenon that happens when the protection systems within the pipework start to fail. The air chambers near the taps designed to stop rushing water from slamming into valves are turned off, and with time, water begins to replace air. The issue can be fixed quickly if you call a professional plumber.

Water pressure

High water pressure can make your pipes rattle or make noise. If the situation is not handled properly, it can have serious consequences on your plumbing. You can get a regulator and a metre to check the water pressure. If the pressure is too high, you can talk to Plumbing Emergency 24/7.

Sludge build-up and blockages

With time, pipework goes through wear and tear. The pipes become worn out, and the central heating system can even create sludge. When solid particles start to circulate throughout the pipes, it causes noise like clinking, ratting and so on.

Need assistance with noisy pipes? Contact Plumbing Emergency 24/7.


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