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Burst Pipes – Everything You Need To Know About This Plumbing Disaster

September 7th, 2021

Burst pipes can be a nightmare as they can damage the electrical work of your home. Also, they may harm the structural elements like ceilings and floors if not fixed immediately. A lot of people believe that pipes only burst in the winter when they get frozen. But, the truth is, they can burst at any time of the year because of general wear and tear. Plumbing Emergency 24/7 knows how to handle this problem efficiently. Read on to understand this issue deeply.

Why Do the Water Pipes Burst?

Tree Root Encroachment

As trees grow large with time, their roots extend further in the soil. They will continue to grow until they encounter underground entities like the pipe. In most cases, the water pipes cannot resist tree roots in their tracks, and they continue to apply pressure on them. The roots push the pipes until they crack. Take professional plumbers’ help whenever you encounter such a problem.


Steel pipes will burst quite simply because of the excessive water abuse they have taken on over the years. When it occurs, they will corrode, narrow, and gradually bust open. You cannot do much to avoid steel pipes from getting corroded. But, if you can replace them with plastic or copper pipes, it will do the trick. You need not worry about corrosion again.

High Water Pressure

Water pressure increases due to various reasons. At times, it is simply pumped into your home at an extremely high speed. But in other cases, the impairments in the pipes can lead water to slow down and speed up at inconvenient times. When you contact us, we will first inspect the situation and then devise a solution accordingly.

What to Do Immediately When a Pipe Bursts?

Turn Off your Water Main

First, switch off your water supply completely. If you suspect that the leak may have reached the fuse box or any of the electrical sockets, turn off the electric supply too. Also, remember to check your basement and areas close to the water heater. You have to follow these steps to prevent further damage and keep your home safe before the plumber arrives for inspection.

Drain the Faucets

After turning off the water supply, open your taps and drain the remaining cold water. It will prevent the rest of the water from freezing inside the pipes. Also, shut off your heating system and release the remaining water from the hot taps. If you have understood where the leak is happening, mop up the water to prevent mold and mildew.

Get in touch with us whenever you have a burst pipe. Our plumbers are skilled and have the equipment to handle this problem.


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