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Helpful tips to increase the life of your plumbing system

September 7th, 2021

The plumbing system is integral to your home. It ensures the flow of fresh water to your dishwasher and kitchen faucet. Also, hot water flows to your bath and shower, and there is clean water flowing to your toilets and washers. So, of course, you would never want to anticipate the day when your plumbing breaks down. To make sure that the life of your plumbing system is extended, Plumber Emergency 24/7 offers a few helpful tips for you to consider. However, if your plumbing does break down without warning, know that we are always a phone call away and have the resources to resolve the issue promptly.

Perform preventative maintenance

Make sure to regularly inspect your sinks and faucets for any sign of leaking. Also, inspect your toilets for running water. If there is a problem, make sure to address it immediately so that costly repairs can be avoided. Even if you notice a tiny leak, do not think twice before calling our expert plumbers.

Prevent blocks or clogs

It is important that you understand what you cannot and can flush down your drainpipes to prevent clogs. This will help preserve your plumbing system. For instance, baby wipes, paper towels, trash or diapers should not be flushed down your toilet. These items are too sturdy to be pushed through the plumbing system and may become lodged in the pipes. This can end up blocking your drains.

Also, do not flush down fats and grease down the kitchen drain because it can damage the septic system.

Maintain the septic tank

The septic tank is a delicate system and it is vital that you keep it clean to avoid sewage problems. Always be careful of flushing down objects down your drains including grease and fats. This can damage your drains. As a rule of thumb, have your septic tank cleaned once every 3 to 5 years.

Clean the sewer pipes

It is crucial that you clean your sewer pipes using pressure cleaning or water jet lining. You can rely on our professional team of plumbers to help clean your pipes and get rid of years of build-up of sludge, grease and scale.

Know when to call a plumber

Some plumbing problems require the expertise and experience of a certified plumber. If you try to fix it yourself, it may prove to be disastrous. In case you find yourself with a plumbing issue, do not ignore the problem or prolong it. Contact a plumber right away and let us help.

So, are you in need of preventative maintenance care for your plumbing system or facing a specific plumbing issue? Get in touch with Plumbing Emergency 24/7 and let our qualified team assist you.


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