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Possible causes of leaking shower and how to fix it

September 7th, 2021

A leaking shower can increase your water bills and cause water damage. If it is left untreated, it can even compromise your walls and subfloor. Here, Plumbing Emergency 24/7’s team have described a few of the common reasons for shower leaks. We have also mentioned the steps that one can take to fix it, but remember that you need a certain level of plumbing knowledge to attempt the fixes. If you are not confident of your skills, contact us.

Faulty or clogged showerhead

A faulty rubber washer or a limescale buildup might be the reason why your shower is leaking. The showerhead can be fixed by detaching the shower head from the shower wall or hose, spraying limescale solution on it and letting the water residue dissolve. The showerhead must be scrubbed thoroughly after ten minutes with the help of a cleaning brush, and it should be left to dry.

Whilst the showerhead is drying, it is important to check the rubber washer. If there are any tears or cracks, they must be replaced immediately.

Worn out shower hose

Shower hoses are exposed to wear and tear. This is why you have to change them frequently. If the hose is leaking, it should be disconnected and a new hose ought to be attached.

Damaged or faulty shower mixer tap

The shower mixer tap leaks due to a worn rubber seal and it can be fixed by replacing the faulty seal ring. The process of replacing the seal ring involves switching off the water supply, draining the water sitting in the line, locating the rubber seal inside the mixer and replacing it with a new one. For the best results, it is best to count on a professional plumber.

Faulty shower drain connections

When dealing with a leaking shower drain, most homeowners do not notice until the leak has reached the ceiling underneath the bathroom. The common reason is weak drain connections. The leak might be caused because the P-trap is not correctly installed or it has experienced some kind of damage. To fix this problem, it is crucial to reach the P-trap and examine it properly. If there are any damaged, it has to be sealed.

Issues with the shower supply pipes

The pressure in the water supply pipes enables you to enjoy a smooth water flow when you turn on a tap or faucet. But, if the pipes are damaged or they have not been properly installed, the pressure can create a leak. Since most homes have pipelines running in-between the structure of the building, you need to call professionals like Plumbing Emergency 24/7 to conduct thorough tests.

Do you need help with your leaking shower? Connect with us and let us help you.


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