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The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies to Watch Out For

July 3rd, 2021

Even the most relaxed person can spiral out in panic when faced with a plumbing emergency. Most people tend to be upset over it for days because it happens at the worst times. This is why you need to have Plumbing Emergency 24/7’s number on your speed dial so that you know expert plumbers are always on hand.  

Here, take a look at the most common plumbing emergencies that warrant immediate attention.  

Clogged sink/basin drain

Severely blocked basin or sink drains can prevent the flow of water. Typically, a clogged sink can be unblocked by using a drain snake or plunger. But, if that does not help, do not resort to a chemical drain as that may damage the drainpipes. If you need to get the drain cleared, call a professional plumber.  

Overflowing or broken toilet

The most hard-working fixture in any home or office is the bathroom. A non-functional toilet can make anyone anxious, especially if there is only one. Whilst a clogged toilet is a common plumbing issue, you may even face reduced flushing power or the flush not working at all. There might be constant drips or water leakage in the toilet.  

Since a plunger cannot solve all of the toilet-related issues, let our plumbers attend to your need. We can even help you find the underlying reason behind your overflowing toilet and replace the broken parts.  

Burst pipes

A pipe bursts when the water pressure inside the pipe builds up significantly. It may also burst as a result of freezing or corrosion. When a pipe bursts, it is typically accompanied by a loud popping noise. However, most people fail to notice the sound.  

But, if you detect issues, hear the sound or have been hearing rumbling noise, consider calling us. A burst pipe can cause a lot of damage to your home.  

Leaking pipes and faucets

A very common plumbing problem and one that is a huge waste of money. Leaking taps and pipes can increase your water bills and also result in the wastage of thousands of litres of precious water. Even though you might not consider leaking faucets as a plumbing emergency, but the drips quickly add up. If the problem is not fixed immediately, it can cause major damage. Make sure to call a professional plumber the moment you catch the problem.  

The plumbing system of your home or office needs to function properly so that there is no interruption to your daily routine. However, people do not realise the importance of it until the system malfunctions. Luckily, we are always a phone call away and here to cater to your plumbing emergencies around the clock.  

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