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Things That You Can And Cannot Flush Down The Toilet

September 7th, 2021

Toilets are a modern-day convenience that efficiently handles human waste. However, they cannot dispose of other items. Flushing a few household products, instead of sending them to the trash, can clog your drain pipes. It can then lead to water contamination and even cause environmental damage. Plumbing Emergency 24/7 can take care of clogged pipes effectively. But, stop disposing of objects down your toilet. There are things you can and cannot flush. Know about them below.  

Paper Towels and Tissues

If you cannot use toilet paper, do not consider facial tissues and paper towels as substitutes. They are developed to absorb water and not dissolve in it. Hence, when they are flushed, they can potentially block your pipes and cause serious plumbing issues. These should be disposed in the garbage instead of your toilet. Otherwise, you have to contact professional plumbers to get rid of the plumbing problems.

Feminine Products

Sanitary pads, tampons, and other feminine items are created to absorb liquid. When they are flushed, these things can swell up with water and block pipes that go to the septic or sewer system. It can then result in toilet water back-up and overflow, which are severe plumbing problems. To avoid these issues, these products have to be discarded in the trash. The professional plumbers can fix the different plumbing issues conveniently, but you must remember not to flush these things in your toilet.

Dental Floss

Teflon or nylon is used to create dental floss, an item that may not able to break down easily in water. It can then gradually build up when disposed of in the toilet and wrap anything else that is flushed after it. It may lead to larger clumps that can clog pipes and sewers. You will then have to deal with bigger plumbing problems. So, remember to toss your floss in the garbage can after practicing good dental hygiene.


Just like dental floss, if you send hair down the drain, it can lead to bigger issues later on. Hair tends to stick to the interior of the pipes, resulting in the build-up, and eventually, there will be clogs. Avoid flushing large chunks of hair down your toilet. Also, use drain covers to protect your sink and shower drain. Our plumbers have the expertise and knowledge in resolving every plumbing problem.

What is Safe to Flush Down the Toilet?

Body Waste

If it comes out of you, then know that you can flush it conveniently. After all, a toilet’s true purpose is to do away with human excrement.

Toilet Paper

It is a necessary thing for numerous toilet-related duties. You can safely dispose of toilet paper by flushing it down the toilet.

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