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Tips to prevent leaks and save water

September 7th, 2021

Saving water is a huge topic of discussion and one that needs to be had because water as a resource is becoming scarce. This is why a lot of people suggest taking baths instead of long showers and turning off the tap whilst brushing teeth. Even if you are taking these precautions, there might be something in your home that is silently using too much water and making your water bills increase. It might be a leak somewhere that you have not noticed which is making you waste water regularly.

At Plumbing Emergency 24/7, we have been dealing with water leaks for several years. From helping homeowners detect the leak to fixing it, our plumbers are capable of catering to your specific needs. We understand that small leaks often go unnoticed. For instance, when water trickles steadily, but slowly and most homeowners do not notice it.

But, a small leak can quickly become a big one and that might cause you a lot of problems with your plumbing and also increase your water bills. If you do not repair small leaks and ignore them, they end up causing water damage and you may have to replace the faucet or plumbing.

Here, take a look at a few things that you can do to stay alert and save water.

Check if the water inside the water tank of your toilet is at the line If the tank does not have enough water, it will make your toilet run. You must check the water valve and make sure that it is all the way to the line. If not, you need to switch it on and wait for the tank to start filling up. Make sure it reaches the waterline.

Always close the faucets tightly

If your taps are dripping, one of the easiest ways to solve this problem is to check if you have closed the tap properly. Make sure that it is tight so that not even one droplet of water is being wasted. However, if you are trying to close the tap tightly and it still continues to drip, it might be that your taps require repair. You can count on us. We will check the problem and if required, replace your taps.

Replace the showerhead

Is your showerhead constantly dripping and leaking water? This can result in a lot of water wastage and one of the easiest solutions is to have us replace the showerhead so that the leak is contained. We can also check the entire shower to make sure that there is no leak anywhere else.
If you need any help with leaks and drips, do not hesitate to reach out to Plumbing Emergency 24/7.


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