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Top 3 Reasons Why Sewage Problems Occur

September 7th, 2021

Plumbing and sewage issues such as sewage backups can happen in any home. Backed-up drains can be in a single fixture or multiple ones. If the problem is localised to a single toilet, tub, or sink that is backing up, it may only be a single clog in the drain. But, in the eventuality of a sewage backup in your entire home whenever you flush, your main sewer line may have a blockage. In such cases, take the help of Plumbing Emergency 24/7’s expert plumbers. Check out the causes of these sewage issues.

Damaged Pipes

Damage to a pipe may prevent it from functioning properly. If it does not drain, sewer waste can accumulate and back up. Several things can damage your pipe. However, the problem may also arise from improper installation. If you have renovated your older home, it is at risk. If an amateur installed the pipes, there is a chance that it happened the wrong way. Rushing through the work could have caused problems with the installation. Also, if you live in a region prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, these incidents may damage your pipes. You cannot control these naturally occurring events, and the older your pipe, the more likely it will be damaged.

Pouring Grease Down a Drain

Most homeowners believe that if they run hot water when pouring grease, the water will flush it out of their pipes. It is wrong. The grease hardens as it cools, and the hot water will also cool down in the pipe after a while. Pouring this substance down your drain can lead to a sewage backup as it solidifies into a barrier. It then traps all kinds of other waste, and soon, it fully closes the pipe off. Greasy is a sticky material, and it will trap even the most non-problematic things. A grease clog can occur even far down the pipe. You can find it very hard to remove these clogs, and they may even damage the pipes. Leave the work to our specialists. They are familiar with handling such problems and have the necessary tools to do so effectively.

Tree Roots Can Damage Sewer Lines

Even though trees do look amazing in your yards, they can severely destroy your plumbing system. With age, their roots will continue to spread more across your yard. The deeper they go, the more likely they are to encounter the sewer line. When this happens, they can pinch and bust sewer drainage. It can lead your sewer to back up, and you then have to acquire professional help to repair them.

Get in touch with us, and we will address your plumbing problems effectively. Our staff are well-trained and experienced for such a job.


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