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Winter plumbing tips to prevent plumbing emergencies during holidays

September 7th, 2021

The winter season can be quite troublesome for your pipes. When there is a sudden drop in temperature, common plumbing issues like lack of running water or flooding become worse. Plumbing Emergency 24/7 has outlined a few effective plumbing tips to stay prepared for the winter so that you can get through unscathed.

Insulate the pipes

The temperature plummets during winter and it is not uncommon to see pipes burst due to the freezing of water inside. Sudden bursting of water pipes can result in a flood and it can be catastrophic. Your carpet, furniture, and other precious belongings might get damaged. You must immediately get in touch with an emergency plumber like us when faced with such situations.

To prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting during winter, you can insulate the pipes so that sufficient warmth is maintained. For any help, connect with us.

Clogged gutters and drains

Blocked or clogged drains are a common occurrence in most houses. It might be due to clumps of hair down the plughole or lots of toilet paper flushed down the toilet. All of these waste items combine with leaves that accumulate in the gutters and drains, and you will be looking at a clogged pipe. During winter, you might even see ice forming and this can break your gutters and drains.

The only option to prevent this from happening is to keep your gutters and drains clean. Make sure that they do not get clogged.

Outdoor hoses should be disconnected

Do you use an outdoor hose regularly? If so, it would make sense to leave it outside so that you can easily access it when you need it. But, when winter sets in, you must disconnect it and switch off any valves that might lead to outdoor taps.

Be careful with your holiday cooking

Winter is a festive time when friends and family gather together to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s. The holiday season can be particularly stressful on your home’s plumbing. You might have guests staying over which would make your boilers and radiators push themselves to the limit. Also, there is the issue of cooking greasy food and pouring it down the kitchen drain. Oil and grease clump together and end up clogging the drain.

Are you experiencing problems with your plumbing or worried that winter is coming? Whatever the reason, Plumbing Emergency 24/7 is here for you. Our plumbers are qualified to handle all types of plumbing issues and we are known for our prompt services. Reach out to us right away and tell us what you need. Know that we are genuinely available 24/7 to look after the plumbing of your home or office.


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